About SAM

S.A.M. Consultants, Inc. (SAM) is a local Chicago area DBE/MBE firm founded in 2003 by two men who careers have been dedicated to the science of geotechnical engineering and material testing.  Now twelve years later, the company they established reflects their principles of client service and quality engineering practice. With our Core/Business Values always in sight, our aims are simple:

  • To provide our clients with the highest level of professional geotechnical engineering expertise and quality QC/QA services to protect their interests throughout all phases of their construction projects. The number of repeat customers provides us with the satisfaction of knowing that we are on target.
  • To provide our employees with a career that provides them with job satisfaction, challenges, training, opportunities to grow & mature while gaining knowledge & experience and provides them with benefits, compensation and security for their families. The 9 (Nine) years average of service continuity for a 12 year old company demonstrates that this aim is also on target. This employee continuity and satisfaction also promotes a high level of pride in job performance, commitment and dedication to the project/client.

But our customers want and deserve more than “trying harder” and “good intentions”.  We back up our dedication to these stated Core/Business Values with the best services & engineering available, fully supported by industry certified technicians, calibrated field equipment, technical specifications, a modern, full service laboratory, an experienced management team and professional engineering staff.  Some highlights of our Construction Materials Engineering and Testing (CMET) capabilities include:

  • Principal and senior engineers have over 100 years of combined practical experience covering projects throughout the Midwest Region of the S. with the majority being with the Greater Chicago Region. Their expertise includes deep foundations design and installation inspection, site improvements in a variety of unusual sub-surface conditions using novel innovative techniques to develop realistic, practical and economical solutions to complex geotechnical challenges.
  • Certified field engineers: Our construction inspection and testing engineers have extensive experience in the greater Chicago area and are IDOT certified for Concrete (Levels I, II & III), for asphalt (Levels I & II), Geotechnical Field Testing & Inspection Course S-33 and IDOT Documentation Certification. They are also qualified as Radiation Safety Nuclear density gauge operators.
  • Certified field technicians: Our team of experienced technicians is certified in concrete, soils, asphalt structural steel/welding by several agencies including IDOT, ACI, NICET, AWS/CWI, ASNT, Troxler, etc. SAM is a signatory to the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150 Agreement for Field Technicians.
  • Accredited Laboratory: The Soil, Aggregate, Concrete and Asphalt Laboratory of S.A.M. Consultants, Inc. have all the necessary equipment and expertise to perform all geotechnical and material testing services. Our soil mechanics testing section offers state of the art testing equipment to handle triaxial, consolidation and direct shear testing. All tests are performed in accordance with ASTM & AASHTO Standards and Methods. Our laboratories are certified by AMRL, CCRL, IDOT& OMP.  We are also on the “Proficiency Sample Testing Program” for AMRL & CCRL.
  • Experience & Capabilities for Large Projects: With our extensive experience covering all aspects of construction, SAM has the skills needed to provide a comprehensive program of engineering, field inspection and laboratory testing services to support all types of construction projects – no matter the size or complexity – throughout the Midwest.  We have provided QC/QA services for some of the largest projects in the City of Chicago.
  • Full Service CMET: Our dedicated range of Construction Materials Engineering and Testing services includes soils, caissons, pile driving, concrete, aggregates, masonry, fire proofing, bituminous and structural steel.