Field Services

SAM provides field testing and construction management focusing on the field Quality Control / Quality Assurance. Our field services includes.

• Field evaluation of soil
• Civil site development Assessment
• Field QC / QA Testing of Soil for all the backfilling operations,
• Field QC / QA Testing of Concrete for Air, Temperature and Slump,
• Field Beam Breaking for the required early break,
• Floor flatness & levelness test
• Pile Driving
• Caisson Inspections
• Shallow Foundation Evaluation and Testing
• Asphalt Batch Plant and Pavement Construction testing
• Masonry Construction Inspection and Testing
• Weld Inspection and Testing
• Steel Fabrication, Milling and Erection Inspection
• Fireproofing

Field Instrumentation

SAM provides extensive services for the field instrumentation installation, monitoring, data collection and data interpretation. The field instrumentation includes:

• Deep Settlement Plates,
• Surface Settlement Markers,
• Vibrating Wire Piezometers,
• Inclinometers,
• Convergence Points,
• Caisson Inspection (instrumentation?)
• Seismic Vibration Analysis

Non-Destructive Testing

SAM provides advanced methodology of the Non-destructive Testing procedures available as the ASTM procedures. The tests includes:

• Protimeter – Moisture Measurement System
• Floor Flatness & Levelness Test
• Windsor HP Probe Test
• Concrete Test Hammer
• 007 James Bond Tester

Laboratory Services

SAM offers all the in-house basic and advanced laboratory testing for soil, construction materials, concrete and asphalt testing those are performed on routine bases. The tests include:

• Material classification as per ASTM and AASHTO methods
• Engineering properties of soil, coarse and fine aggregates
• Advanced soil testing including Unconfined Compression test, Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Test, Consolidated Drained Triaxial Test, Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial test, and One Dimensional Consolidation Test

T87 T88 T89 790 T99 T100 T180 T208 T265 T310 - D421 D422 D698 D854 D1140 D1157 D2166 D2216 D2487 D2488 D4318 D6938

T11 T19 T21 T27 T84 T85 T112 T248 T255 - C29 C40 C117 C127 C128 C136 C142 C566

Hot Mix Asphalt:
T30 T164 T166 T209 T269 - D2041 D2172 D2726 D3203 D5444

Portland Cement Concrete
C31 C39 C78 C138 C143 C172 C231 C1064 C1077 C1231
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SAM implement extensive subsurface exploration including the reconnaissance survey. Geo-Services includes the soil sample collection and laboratory testing. Data interpretation is then performed based on the borelogs and soil test results. The service involve:

• Soil and Rock Drilling / Sampling
• Field Instrumentation
• Geotechnical Laboratory Testing
• Civil Site Development Assessment
• Foundation Analysis and Design
• Earth Retaining Structure Design
• Slope Stability Analysis
• Construction Recommendations
• Pavement Studies & Design
• Ground Water Monitoring
• Seismic and Vibration Studies
• Site Dewatering and infiltration Analysis
• Improving Ground Support Conditions with Innovative Cost Effective Options